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How Micro-Influencers Can Be Macro for Brands!

We live our lives online; social media has become synonymous with our daily lives.
Coffee date? Instagram it.
Looking fine? Snapchat it.
Life update? Facebook it.
Opinion? Tweet it.

The term ‘influencer’ is one you must’ve seen flooded on social media. While celebrities are the OG influencers,
there are also individuals with smaller but loyal following who create hands-on content which speaks to a
wide range of audience. 

But, who are these micro-influencers?

Individuals who have amassed an audience between 1000 to 10,00,000, and are considered as experts in their
respective niche are referred to as micro-influencers. These individuals with a loyal fanbase often generate a
higher engagement rate and conversions. 

The individuals could be experts in the field of food, travel, fashion, beauty, fitness - to name a few. Their
content is tailored for their audience, and when added a touch of personal interaction, it is marketing gold.
After all, their followers see themselves as their peers an…

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