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From Tech Geeks to Tech Masters, the Techies are Taking Over.

Tech bloggers, the ones who guide you into the world of technology, one blog/video at a time.
They’re the ones we consult every time we want to buy or launch a smartphone, ‘cause let’s
face it, you can’t sell/purchase a smartphone without their expert advice.
It’s scary to think that there was a time when we purchased smartphones blindly without doing
our bit of research. Now, there is a plethora of videos to guide your every technical decision,
from smartphones to smart homes. If it’s technical, these bloggers have it covered.
But, what was the need for tech bloggers?
In a world where technology is constantly evolving, how are we supposed to keep up? That’s
where they come in. With their knowledge and expert views, they are the ones who separate
fact from fiction. A flawed purchase might just be an expensive one if they weren’t around. 
Considering how a technology’s life is around 18 months, as per Moore’s law, it could be a huge
risk to invest in one that might be outdated before the i…

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