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Still In The Running - Influence Through YouTube

In the last 2-3 years, Influencer Marketing has been shifting bases extensively. What started with making videos on Youtube has now shifted to making reels on Instagram. The one thing that has been kept constant throughout is content. Content has always and will always be king. But what is important is to ascertain, which platform will attract a bulk audience.  As of 2020, 1 billion users have been using Instagram daily. Along with this, Instagram’s potential advertising reached around 849.3M users. With such high valued statistics do you think, Instagram has surpassed all other content platforms?  The pioneer platform that gave creators their very first online space is YouTube. In spite of Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook coming into the picture, Youtube still has been dominating the world of influencers and new startups. After Google, YouTube is the next popular search engine.  How Effective Is YouTube Nowadays?  Till date, 78% of people watch YouTube videos every week, out of which 5

5 Reasons To Work With An Influencer

Marketing has taken a toll in the recent years, and the strategy has changed too. Now, there is a new term in the market known as 'Influencer Marketing', which has turned influencers into celebrities as brands have started to hire influencers instead of celebrities to promote their brand or product.
These days, consumers have information at their fingertips, and hence, don't want the brand to directly sell them anything as they can point out that it is an ad, this is where influencers come in who give brands a personal touch.

Presenting five reasons to work with influencers -

1. Consumers always look for a personal touch from a brand, when buying a product and that’s where influencers come into play. The personal touch is that there are no big name marketing companies behind the words these influencers use to post about products. Their words are authentic, typed and posted by them, as they have tried and tested the product.

2. Consumers look at influencers as one of them, who aren’t celebrities or a part of any royal family. That’s the reason why people trust them as their opinions are true and they're not doing so just for money.  They have genuine followers, and therefore their reviews are genuine as well. They’re part of a community which is built on trust.

3. Influencers have no hidden agendas as they don’t deal with an editor or “red tape.” They share their reviews as they want to and when they want to share. There is no one forcing them to say anything. So, what they share is both powerful and empowering.
Moreover, no bosses mean that no one else is controlling the content. Nobody with a secret agenda is telling them what they should write about; these are truly transparent reviews.

4. The influencer's paid content's value is more than that of an ad. Even when being paid for content, influencers post only products they use, making the content impactful.

5. Influencers make target marketing made easier. So, if you are looking for things-that-you-should-carry for-a-trip, There’s a blog for that, and there is a blog for everything you are looking for.

Engaging with bloggers allows brands to market to specific audiences that will be apt to connect with their product/service. It’s smart-work and not just hard.

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