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Still In The Running - Influence Through YouTube

In the last 2-3 years, Influencer Marketing has been shifting bases extensively. What started with making videos on Youtube has now shifted to making reels on Instagram. The one thing that has been kept constant throughout is content. Content has always and will always be king. But what is important is to ascertain, which platform will attract a bulk audience.  As of 2020, 1 billion users have been using Instagram daily. Along with this, Instagram’s potential advertising reached around 849.3M users. With such high valued statistics do you think, Instagram has surpassed all other content platforms?  The pioneer platform that gave creators their very first online space is YouTube. In spite of Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook coming into the picture, Youtube still has been dominating the world of influencers and new startups. After Google, YouTube is the next popular search engine.  How Effective Is YouTube Nowadays?  Till date, 78% of people watch YouTube videos every week, out of which 5

How to Find Relevant Influencers with the LWT Platform

How do you tap into the consumers of today? A generation disenfranchised from the media vehicles of yore. Who are they likely to follow when it comes to products and services? A celeb’s face is no longer a guarantee to connect with the right target group.

This generation demands people who are experts in their fields, experts that live and breathe what they endorse. Influencers add a personal touch to brands, which the generation craves. They want to comment, share and like the content they believe in. And, for this, they follow influencers. But, just how important are these influencers to your brand?

At times, the best influencer marketing plans fail due to the lack of right influencers. It is imperative to look beyond numbers and focus on certain aspects to find the right influencer. This is often a time-consuming process as there are many influencers out there but only a handful are relevant.

Look Who’s Taking has revolutionized influencer marketing by bringing brands and influencers together on one platform. LWT’s platform provides these metrics to make your search for relevant influencers a child’s play:

1.      REACH
An influencer’s following is their reach. Brands leverage influencers’ reach to put across messages to their target audience. 

The number of people engaging with the influencer’s generated content refers to engagement.  

3.      LOCATION
Influencers belonging to the same region as your target audience will have a greater effect than those from far-off regions.

4.      GENRE(S)
An influencer’s genre defines their content. Brands select influencers who showcase similar content to that of the brand.

Your target audience’s demographics should reflect in your selected influencers.

Brands choose influencers who have a good reach to engagement ratio. 

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