Still In The Running - Influence Through YouTube

In the last 2-3 years, Influencer Marketing has been shifting bases extensively. What started with making videos on Youtube has now shifted to making reels on Instagram. The one thing that has been kept constant throughout is content. Content has always and will always be king. But what is important is to ascertain, which platform will attract a bulk audience. 

As of 2020, 1 billion users have been using Instagram daily. Along with this, Instagram’s potential advertising reached around 849.3M users. With such high valued statistics do you think, Instagram has surpassed all other content platforms? 

The pioneer platform that gave creators their very first online space is YouTube. In spite of Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook coming into the picture, Youtube still has been dominating the world of influencers and new startups. After Google, YouTube is the next popular search engine. 

How Effective Is YouTube Nowadays? 

Till date, 78% of people watch YouTube videos every week, out of which 55% watch it daily. On average, 82-83% of online traffic generated comes from YouTube online videos. Irrespective of your business or startup being big or small, the possibility of your work going viral is possible only through YouTube. Starting from getting a million views to thousands of likes, YouTube gives you a chance to receive honest and appropriate feedback on your work. 

The best thing about the YouTube community is that it does not require huge productions or elaborate setups. A simple video camera and a few editing skills are enough for your work to be acknowledged. 72% of customers prefer learning about a product or service through a video. Owing to the pandemic, as schools and colleges have been shut down, students have been leaning on online YouTube videos and tutorials for enhancing their learning experience. This has also given the teachers a platform to make their content available for students worldwide. Moreover, YouTube videos are accessible from all devices. This is a major advantage of using YouTube. More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices and average views from mobile devices last more than 40 mins. 

How Can LWT Help You?

With 265 million users of YouTube in India, it is still the best and booming platform for content creation. To know more about the process of influencing and making your work available through YouTube, we at LWT are ready to guide you. From getting you in touch with the right Youtubers and engaging in collaborations, we make campaign execution super easy. Get in touch with us for more on collaborations and content co-creation and we’ll get you going!