How to Become #InstaFamous?

Now isn’t that a question you would love the answer to? A popular social network amongst young adults, Instagram has made its way to every millennial’s phone with 67 million monthly active users in India alone.
Ever wondered how you can leave your mark and become one of the Instagram famous people? Well, we are here to help you become #InstaFamous.
Define your Niche
With millions of users worldwide, your profile needs to speak to your audience. Your feed should be a reflection of the dialogue you’d want to have with your audience. It is imperative that you do your research and define what your niche is, be it fashion, food or photography. Once you do so, your audience will now know what to expect from you.

Your Instagram Bio is Important
Your Instagram bio, made up of 150 words, are the most important words your audience will notice about your page. Make sure you use them wisely. The bio should be thought after but not over-thought. To nail the Instagram bio game make sure you tell your audience everything that is noteworthy about your page.

Decide your Aesthetic and Layout
Ever noticed how certain Instagrammers have a certain aesthetic and layout they maintain throughout their feed? Be it a particular filter or color scheme, make sure your feed reflects ‘you’. A layout is what ties your feed together. They manner your feed is portrayed is what makes your page stand out.

Create Quality Content
Quality content will take you everywhere, be it high res photographs or witty captions. To create a feed that an audience wants to keep coming back to, you need to rely on quality content. When you invest time and effort into creative and quality content it ensues a stunning page.

Use Relevant Hashtags
Posts with hashtags get 12.6% higher engagement, as per Influencer Marketing Hub. Instagram allows you to add 30 hahstags in a single post, make sure you the ones which are relevant to your post to pop up in Instagram search. The general rule is to use 12 hashtags that resonate with your post.

Engage with your Audience
Engaging with your audience should always be on your to-do list be it liking the comment or responding to the comment. If you want to be one the Instagram famous people, it’s has an important role to play. The higher your engagement with the audience the higher will be your name recall amongst your audience.

Post Consistently
Instagram accounts that post consistently get higher engagement as compared to accounts that post rarely. The more you post, the follower growth rate will also increase. Hence, you should upload at least 2-3 posts daily without compromising on the quality of content.

Following these steps are just a part of the process to become #InstaFamous. To be noticeable to brands and to develop your personal brand are the other parts of the journey. To establish yourself as an Instagram famous person sign up at the LWT platform and gain exposure to various brands.