From Tech Geeks to Tech Masters, the Techies are Taking Over.

Tech bloggers, the ones who guide you into the world of technology, one blog/video at a time.
They’re the ones we consult every time we want to buy or launch a smartphone, ‘cause let’s
face it, you can’t sell/purchase a smartphone without their expert advice.

It’s scary to think that there was a time when we purchased smartphones blindly without doing
our bit of research. Now, there is a plethora of videos to guide your every technical decision,
from smartphones to smart homes. If it’s technical, these bloggers have it covered.

But, what was the need for tech bloggers?

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, how are we supposed to keep up? That’s
where they come in. With their knowledge and expert views, they are the ones who separate
fact from fiction. A flawed purchase might just be an expensive one if they weren’t around. 

Considering how a technology’s life is around 18 months, as per Moore’s law, it could be a huge
risk to invest in one that might be outdated before the ink even dries up on the contract. Our
favourite tech influencers keep us updated about the latest happenings in the tech world.

So, unboxing?

While there are various channels like Unbox Therapy and Tech Burner, who focus on unboxing
and reviewing technology; there are others like Marques Brownlee and Technical Guruji who go
beyond just reviewing tech and talk about the industry as well. They, over the years, have
gained a loyal following who have been following them since their starting. The consumers have
started to trust their opinions and often interact with them to ask their burning tech questions.

Now, from here, where do they go?

From a time when tech blogging was categorized as nerdy to now when they are no less than
rockstars at the YTFF (ref. Technical Guruji unboxing Mumbaikar Nikhil), they have arrived. Any
company that deals in tech wants to be associated with them to reach the audience through a
genuine source.

Cool, how do I find them?

To start off on your tech journey, here are the top five bloggers you should follow -
1. Technical Guruji
One of the most famous names in the technical blogosphere, Gaurav Chaudhary has a
trusted voice in the industry. In November 2018, it was reported that he was the first tech
YouTuber to accrue more than 10 million subscribers
2. Sharmaji Technical
An inspiration to Technical Guruji for him to start the channel, Praval Sharma has worked
his way to the top amassing a loyal and huge following. 
3. Trakin Tech
Arun Prajapati is the new name on the block who has taken the blogosphere by storm
with his candid technology reviews. In October 2019, he surpassed three million
followers on YouTube.
4. Gogi Tech
Nine years into the tech industry and Rajeev Rana is already a known face. Be it
smartphones, laptops or any gadget - if it’s out there, you can surely count on him to
give his honest two cents on it!
5. Geeky Ranjit
Ranjit Kumar is a gizmo and gadget wiz who reviews almost everything from
smartphones to LEDs and explains how technology can make your life easier. His
reviews are considered to be the holy grail of technology! 

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