Instagram Influencer Marketing

With the ever-rising popularity of social media, Instagram influencer marketing has become one of the most effective tools for marketers in every niche, as in the last 5 years Instagram has gained popularity of more than 500 million followers, and it is still growing. This growth of Instagram is beneficial to growing companies and they are using it for their growth too.
Likewise, now consumers look to fellow consumers and their favorite Instagram personalities for making their purchase decisions. They are strongly influenced by social media posts and comments, especially on Instagram. Therefore, this has opened up a new channel for businesses to promote their brand through influential individuals.
What is Instagram Influencer Marketing?
Instagram influencer marketing is the process of marketing products, brands, or services through popular individuals on Instagram who can influence their follower’s purchase decisions. It's somewhat similar to word-of-mouth marketing, but through pictures and tagging.
What are the benefits of Instagram Influencer Marketing for Businesses?
Instagram influencer marketing is an easy, inexpensive, and super effective way to grow your business on Instagram. You can quickly increase your brand awareness and follower base, but best of all, you can also drive major sales with Instagram influencer marketing. In fact, when it comes to influencer marketing, Instagram is the best performing channel.
These are the reasons why you should consider Instagram to grow your business:
1. Increase Brand Awareness
If you’re a new business, building brand awareness is one of your top priorities! But brand awareness is also a goal for many businesses, small and large, and influencer marketing on Instagram is a great way to cast a wider net and introduce your brand to new audiences. Think about it: if you partner with just 3 influencers who have an engaged audience of your target market, you can reach way more people in just 3 Instagram posts than you could with your own Instagram account.
2. Build Excitement  
If you have a new product coming out, collaborating with Instagram influencers is a great way to get people excited about your launch! By giving influencers early access to your product, you’re able to both position your product as something cool (because the influencers are excited about it) and market your product before it’s even out yet!
3. Branded Hashtag
You don’t have to have a new product or discount code in order to leverage Instagram influencer marketing. If you’ve created a branded Instagram Hashtag that you want to get more people to post with, turning to Instagram influencers is an easy way to get more people to use it!
4. Promote an Instagram Marketing Campaign
If you’re creating an Instagram Brand Campaign for your brand, collaborating with a few Instagram influencers is a sure-fire way to amplify your entire campaign. For example if you want to promote your newly launched phone, then you can provide the influencers with your new phones and ask them to write about them, while posting pictures with it.

As you can see, there are numerous ways through which you can leverage your influencer marketing strategy, which in return will help your brand. Whether you are a small, or large company, you should consider Instagram for the aforementioned reasons.